Dear Beirut,

"This is a love letter to you and how you brought us together. Only in a city as electric as this could we bring you a place as eclectic as this."
(Beastie Boys, 2005)

Just like you, we dream of ditching work to sip rose on the park (what park) and of hot summer nights all year long. We hope you'll come and be a part of what we are - a place to eat drink celebrate life with what we know best - food and drink (crazy delicious food and drink, to be exact) .

People keep asking who we are and where our name came from. Well, here it is - it was through a series of inspirations that are downtown Beirut: a history of street warfare, street art, design, music, our 20th-century brick and mortar, and an abstract approach to be whoever we wanted to be, without boundaries. We are cooking food that is meaningful to us and delicious, and we are careful not to label ourselves.

Sure, there are jazz roots in hip hop, graffiti roots in Andy Warhol, Basquiat and Ayman Baalbaki, and mediterranean roots in our space, but overall we hold above all else a deep-seeded ideal to be creative and provide a welcoming place for you all to eat. BARON means BEIRUT.

Our space is local, spreading from the inside out; we're organic in our approach and our delivery. Our team's background is complex and while we hail from some of the finest dining establishments in the world, we just want to be your favourite, neighbourhood joint.

The menu comes from Beirut's farmers markets, Tripoli fishing boats, Bekka Valley fields and the wondrous meanderings of our spirited travels searching out our passionate palates. We're crushing seafood, roasted meats, crazy good wine and creamy espresso. Our wine list is broad enough for you to come by and enjoy wine with us every night or, you can be a baller and order something you can't get anywhere else in the world. We're Mediterranean influenced, European executed and entirely Beirut.

Built For You,


We are happy to customize your event experience. We also have off-site catering.
Start planning with us here or contact the events department: events@baronbeirut.com for additional information and questions.
The Chef's Table
The live edge cooks table is found in between the open kitchen and our indoor dining room in the heart of the restaurant. Watch the kitchen team in action and enjoy a chef's eye view while enjoying your meal.

Maximum capacity: 7 guests
The BackYard
Our backyard overlooks the terrace pergola. There is a gas fire pit and lounge seating. Full service dinner are found.

Lounge capacity: 50 standing Patio dining capacity: 30 seated
Restaurant Buyout
Restaurant buyouts are available for social and corporate events. The open house format allows guests to engage with the chefs, sample a wide variety of menus items and flow throughout the indoor and outdoor spaces..

Full Restaurant Buyout: 60 seated 100 standing



Building 125, Pharoan Str. Mar Mkhaiel Beirut
For reservations, call 01 56 51 99 or reach us at: eat@baronbeirut.com
*Valet is available on avenue between Pharoan and Lamartine Streets in front of The building.